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Executive MBA program

Tuition fees

Tuition fees:

University masters degree: The Government of Catalonia establishes a tax to issue the official degree. This tax varies annually and the amount will be established at the time of request of the degree, once the programme is successfully completed.

How to finance your program

  • MBA Grants : The Executive MBA at UPF Barcelona School of Management provides grants of 20% of the total tuition fees to students who may require additional financial support..

  • Talent Scholarships : Apply for one of our Talent Scholarships, specifically awarded to master students who can demonstrate an exceptional academic, professional or personal trajectory.

  • External Financial Aid : Consult the list of external entities and institutions that offer financial aid to students who want to enrol on a master program or a postgraduate course.

  • Discounts : Benefit from our student discounts if you are an alumnus, belong to the UPF community or work for one of our collaborating institutions.

  • Bank Loans : Inform yourself about the bank loans with advantageous conditions that the UPF Barcelona School of Management has set up with the main Spanish financial institutions.