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Privacy Policy

Barcelona School of Management, declares its respect of and compliance with the provisions laid down in Organic Law 15/1999, dated 13th December, regarding the Protection of Personal Data (henceforth referred to as LOPD) and in compliance with the legal indications contained in the Royal Decree 994/1999, dated 11th June, relating to the security measures of automated filing systems for personal data, to which effect it has established all the technical means in its power to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and misappropriation of the data you provide Barcelona School of Management, at the same time bearing in mind that Internet security measures are not impregnable. It therefore informs you of its personal data protection policy so that you can freely decide if you wish to provide Barcelona School of Management with your personal details.

Barcelona School of Management also informs you that the personal details form you complete will be stored in an automated personal data file which is the property and responsibility of Barcelona School of Management. With the aim of complying with the terms laid down in the LOPD, it is clearly stated that Barcelona School of Management, a private foundation located at calle Balmes nÂș 132-134, Barcelona (Spain), will decide on the purpose, content and use of the personal data which you provide by means of any of the forms provided for such a purpose on its webpage, located on the Internet at the following addresses:,,, or

Full consent is required before data is added to Barcelona School of Management files. To do so you must accept this privacy policy by choosing the option stating "I HAVE READ AND FULLY ACCEPT THE BARCELONA SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PRIVACY POLICY". This appears at the beginning of each form requesting data.

The data you provide can be used by Barcelona School of Management to develop any activities relevant to its business, as well as for promotional activities for its products or services. This data can also be provided to other businesses, entities or organisms in Spain, as well as third part individuals or corporate entities for the same purposes as indicated above. Your full consent is also required before providing third parties with your data. To do so you must accept this privacy policy by choosing the option stating "I HAVE READ AND FULLY ACCEPT THE BARCELONA SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PRIVACY POLICY". This appears at the beginning of each form requesting data.

With regard to the communication of data, we remind you that Barcelona School of Management is an entity which is dedicated to teaching and specialises in post-graduate, Master's and training seminars, therefore if you consent to the handling of your data, Barcelona School of Management will presume that you fully consent to your data being transferred internationally to foreign businesses, entities and organisms, even though these may be located in countries which do not offer adequate protection of personal details in accordance with Spanish norms, as well as other entities which may require them for services rendered. The use of data transferred internationally will be limited to the purposes indicated above.

Except where clearly stated to the contrary, answers to questions relating to personal details are voluntary, as long as the failure to ask such questions does not imply a negative effect on the quality of the services requested.

You will be able to exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose your personal details which are stored in Barcelona School of Management files, as well as communications which have been produced with regard to your data by requesting by any means which acts as proof of delivery and receipt. In order to exercise your rights please visit the Barcelona School of Management Sales Department, calle Balmes, 132, 08008 Barcelona (Spain).

With the aim of adapting its services to users' tastes and preferences, Barcelona School of Management will use cookies. Cookies are text files which services send to hard disks to give computers quicker access to the selected web pages. The purpose of Barcelona School of Management cookies is to personalise the services which we offer and facilitate the information users might be interested in. Cookies do not extract information from computers, nor do they indicate you location. If you do not want cookies to be installed on your hard disk we ask you to set your browser so as not to receive them. However, we inform you that if you do so, the quality of functions on the web page could be affected.

Also with the purpose of adapting our services to users' tastes, as well as being able to analyse the workings of the system, any movement carried out on Barcelona School of Management computers will be registered on its files. This file will allow Barcelona School of Management to locate any incidents or problems which may arise, solve them in the shortest time possible, continue to offer the services requested, become better acquainted with user preferences and offer other services which might appeal to them.