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Master in Political and Institutional Communication


The methodology is oriented around the following class types:

  • Theory sessions. In these lessons students will learn about basic and advanced concepts relating to the methods applied in the professional practice of political and institutional communication.
  • Case study sessions. In these classes students will receive detailed critical and analytical explanations of past political campaigns and their results. This will also involve an evaluation of the specific processes used in the campaigns.
  • Practical sessions. The practical activities will be based on specific explanations given in the theory or case study classes and will be set specifically by the teachers in these classes. In the practical sessions, students will be required to solve a political or institutional communication problem. The sessions will be assessed by the teachers who set the tasks.
  • Conferences. Different professionals from the different areas of political and institutional communication will give talks which will be followed by a debate with the students.
  • Final project tutoring sessions. Writing the final project is principally an individual task on the part of the student. However, they will also be constantly tutored and assessed by teachers throughout the preparation process.


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