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Master in Auditing and Financial Management

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

1. Accounting and Auditing

1.1 Auditing

  • Risk management and Internal Control
  • Auditing Procedures and Regulations
  • Regulations on Access to Auditing of Accounts
  • Regulations on quality control of Auditing of Accounts
  • International Regulations for Auditing
  • Regulations on Ethics and Independence

1.2 Regulatory Framework of Financial Information Applicable in Spain

  • General Accounting Plan and SMEs
  • Regulations for formulating Consolidated Annual Accounts
  • International Regulations on Financial Information
  • Other Areas: Accounting for Financial Institutions, Insurance Undertakings, Non-profit Institutions, Public Entities and public tenders

1.3. Other Accountable Items

  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Analytical Cost Accounting, Budget and Management Accounting
  • Business Evaluation Techniques and Creation of Viability Plans

2. Other items

2.1 Legal Items

  • Corporate Law of other Institutions and Governance
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Tax Law
  • Civil Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Labour Law and Social Security

2.2. Information Technology and Computer Systems

  • Strategy, architecture, design and computer processing management in businesses
  • The control of information technology processes: knowledge, competencies and risk evaluation
  • The function of computer security in organizations: principles and means. Detecting and preventing errors

2.3 Other Items

  • General Economics and Financial Economics
  • Business Economics
  • Fundamental principles of business financial management
  • Mathematics and Statistics

3. Final Project


*The information contained herein may be subject to changes.

Final Degree

Once students have completed the programme, they will receive the degree Máster Universitario en Gestión Financiera y Auditoría de la Empresa from the Pompeu Fabra University and the Ministry of Education.

Official Master's Degree: Upon successfully completing the master's program you will receive a final diploma awarded by Pompeu Fabra University. In order to issue the certificate, the Government of Catalonia charges an additional fee of approximately €200. The exact amount varies annually and will be finalized upon completion of the degree. In accordance with the regulations set out by the Spanish Ministry of Education this final diploma will be issued in Spanish.

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