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Master in International Business (in Spanish)

Employment opportunities

With the Master in International Business (in Spanish) participants will be able to develope a professional carreer in organizations with international activity as export managers, trade managers, international logistics managers, etc.

Our students' experience

Paula Ramona Feiten Teixeira
Course of 2010
International Development Analyst

The Master in International Business allows you to combine business theory and practice, exchange knowledge and negotiate skills, encouraging international vision, the use of strategic thinking and the effectiveness of formulation processes. The MIBAL contributed to my personal and professional training, offering diverse points of view, contacts, friendships and business opportunities in it own special setting, the city of Barcelona.

Carles Salses
Course of 2010


The master has given me a broad overview of business by enabling me to understand the different situations that arise when we export a product to different countries, seen from various perspectives within the same company. Moreover, contact with classmates from other countries, as well as the opportunity to receive explanations from notable professionals in the field of international commerce, have made it a culturally enriching experience. Finally, I have been able to use the chance to do internships during this time in order to apply the knowledge acquired, while at the same time helping me to find a good career opportunity after completing the course.

Martín Brusco
Course of 2009
Founding partner. In charge of Latin America

"I am an industrial engineer with a professional past in the automotive industry. I registered for the MIBAL in the hope of directing my professional trajectory towards international business, and now I can state that the objectives were achieved. The master's course provides solid theoretical training completed with highly applicable practical activities, but even more outstanding is the scope of the knowledge, nationalities and experience of the lecturers and students participating. Personally, I think that taking this master in such a cosmopolitan city as is Barcelona, promotes an entrepreneurial spirit and networking at an international level. In this sense, it is fundamental to take advantage and maintain the richness of international contacts with former students and lecturers. As a proof of this, we are currently developing together with a former student and colleague from the MIBAL a highly promising project for the internationalization of organic products and, at the same time, we are giving advice and representing a Catalan business and another from Argentina in their international expansion processes."