Would you like to take part in the social transformation project of the UPF Barcelona School of Management?

The UPF Barcelona School of Management is implementing the "Transform" Program, aimed at employees of Partner Companies and their family members who want to create a social transformation project within the framework of the Master of Science and Master of Arts study programs, with special enrolment conditions for the 2018-2019 academic year*.

Social transformation projects are understood to include those that seek to tackle issues such as globalization, environmental changes and economic and financial crises, proposing solutions that contribute to reducing inequality, extreme poverty, social exclusion and the denial of fundamental human rights. Thus, innovative solutions that respect universal values such as peace, human dignity, gender equality, non-violence, and non-discrimination.

With the "Transform" Program, the UPF Barcelona School of Management wishes to give back to society, as well as to the Partner Companies, the support it has received over the years.

The courses welcoming applications for the "Transform" program are the following:

MSc in Finance and Banking

MSc in International Business

MSc in Marketing

MSc in Management

MSc in Management (specialization in Business Analytics)

MSc in Management (specialization in Entrepreneurship)

MSc in Management (specialization in IT Management)

MSc in Management (specialization in Marketing)

MA in Communication Management

How can you take part in the “Transform” Program?

  • Once submitted, provide the documentation we specify below through the "Discount information" section of the application management platform eRegistrar:
    • Cover Letter: Tell us how you identify with our school's values and explain the final master's degree project focused on social transformation that you plan to carry out. Use our form, which already includes a brief description of the UPF Barcelona School of Management's values.
    • Provide proof that you are an employee and/or family member of an employee of a UPF Barcelona School of Management Partner Company.
  • After considering your final project proposal, the "Transform" Program Committee will come to a decision on your participation. You will be informed that you are beneficiary from the "Transform" Program within 7 days.

Eligibility requirements to benefit from the "Transform" Program

The eligibility requirements for the Program are the following. You must:

  • Be between 21 and 30 years old for the official master's starting date.
  • Be an employee and/or a family member of an employee of one of the Partner Companies."Family member of an employee" is understood to include an employee's sons or daughters and siblings, as well as their spouse or unmarried registered partner.
  • Have been admitted to one of the master's degree adhered to the Program "Transform".
  • Present an idea for the final master's degree project that allows a social transformation project to be carried out.
  • Not be a beneficiary of any scholarship, grant and/or discount offered by the UPF Barcelona School of Management.

The deadline to apply to take part in the "Transform" Program is 31 August 2018.

These Particular Conditions apply to the "Transform" program (download here).

"Transform" Program tuition fees

Tuition fee

If you want more information about the "Transforma" program, you can download the Information Brochure here.