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Postgraduate Program in Social Security Law

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

I. Procedural Law Module 

  • Social procedures: competence, legitimation, etc.
  • Ordinary procedures.
  • Special procedures: for dismissals and fundamental rights.
  • Special procedures: collective conflict.
  • Social Security procedures.
  • Contentious administrative procedures.
  • Judicial remedies.
  • Provisional and definitive implementation of sentences.
  • Conciliation, mediation and arbitration.
  • Labour aspects of bankruptcy procedures.

II. Social Security Law Module 

  • Subjective framework and legal nature of registration.
  • Contributions and special agreement.
  • Collection and executive procedure.
  • Company responsibilities.
  • Work accidents and collaborating mutual insurance companies.
  • Medical care.
  • Non-contributory pensions.
  • Dependency: valuations and provisions.
  • Temporary incapacity.
  • Provisions for the birth of a child or caring for a child.
  • Maternity, paternity and high-risk situations.
  • Permanent incapacity: provisions and checks.
  • Retirement: requirements, provisions and accounting.
  • Partial, early or postponed retirement.
  • Death and survival.
  • Unemployment: financial provisions and insertion income.
  • Special framework for freelance workers.
  • Special integrated frameworks and special systems.
  • Special frameworks for public employees.
  • Dynamic of provisions.
  • Reciprocal calculation of contributions.
  • Community social protection and temporary transfers.
  • National Institute of Social Security administrative criteria/assessment.

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Note: The definitive program may differ slightly, particulary if there is new legislation.

The vehicular language of the program will be mainly Spanish, although approximately 20% of the classes will be taught in Catalan. Therefore, a knowledge of Catalan is required at the level of understanding.

*Published information may be subject to change.

Final Degree

Upon successfully passing the module in Social Security, students will receive a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Security Law, awarded by Pompeu Fabra University.