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Postgraduate Course in Business Management

Employment opportunities

The Postgraduate Course in Business Management is aimed at managers, assistant managers, executives or owners of small and medium-sized businesses, directors of functional areas or those who would like to move forward in their careers in an organisation, regardless of its size or orientation.

Our students' experience

Ramiro Cid
Course 2011
Chief Information Security Officer & Administrador IT

In my opinion, the Barcelona School of Management's Postgraduate Programme in Business Management is excellent value for money. In my case, it was a very enriching experience which allowed me to broaden the view that I had of the idea of a business and its management.

Given my background as an IT infrastructure and security manager, through this postgraduate programme I wanted to develop a more business-oriented career and, at the same time, broaden and improve my view of the different spheres and variables that affect companies.

One of the aspects that I would like to highlight is the excellent level of the faculty as a whole, some of which were brilliant communicators and experts in their respective areas.

I would undoubtedly recommend this programme.

Ricard Tomàs i Puig
Course of 2009
Operations manager

The course achieves a very fine balance between the content and the time devoted, while enabling a fairly complete global view of the business environment. In addition, it is worth pointing out the interesting possibility that the course offers of working with people with professional profiles of very different ages.

Cristina Alvarado
Course of 2009
Psychologist, Senior Consultant

Participating in the programme has been a highly enriching experience. From a professional perspective, I was able to obtain an up-to-date overview of Business Management which has been very useful for me for identifying client needs. On a personal level, it provided an excellent opportunity for sharing experiences and learning from colleagues with highly diversified profiles.