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Postgraduate Course in Business Management


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
15 October 2018
End of program:
11 June 2019 (to be confirmed)
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Running for over 40 editions, the Postgraduate Course in Business Managementat UPF Barcelona School of Management (in Spanish) aims to develop your leadership, communication and personnel management skills, and to improve your business knowledge in order to reinforce your career and grant you access to positions of greater responsibility.

Aimed at professionals, heads of functional areas, business managers, and owners and directors of SMEs, the Postgraduate Course in Business Management will provide you with a solid global vision of marketing, finance, accounting, operations, human resources and business strategy. As part of the program you will execute a business plan and a simulation to allow you to put everything you learn into practice.

Why this program?

  1. Because over 1,000 students that have passed through its over 40 editions can attest to this program's success and solidity.
  2. For its teaching staff, which combines the best lecturers from UPF's Business and Economics Department with highly-qualified directors and professionals from the market's leading companies.
  3. Because the program allows you to see the overall functioning of a company through the study of practical subjects: you will study all the functional areas of a company in order to develop the key competencies and business knowledge that are needed for each.
  4. Because you will draw up your own business plan in class. This is a great opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during the year while at the same time developing your time management and cooperation skills.
  5. Because you will learn to strengthen your skills in personnel management and in influencing the trajectory of a business.


  • To promote the development of business management professionals.
  • To provide recently promoted individuals with a thorough and complete understanding of the role of the executive in a company and to allow them to make the transition to executive posts successfully.
  • To satisfy the training needs of current and future team leaders in companies and of experts in functional areas who would like to increase their possibilities of professional development to access executive posts.
  • To provide a series of skills and knowledge that will allow them to interpret business reality and to make executive decisions for a company.
  • To provide participants with the best conditions for contributing to the creation of value in organisations.
  • By the end of the programme participants will be able to work in teams, demonstrate leadership and communicate

Who is it for?

Any person who takes part in company decision-making can benefit greatly from this training programme. It is aimed at managers, assistant managers, executives or owners of small and medium-sized businesses, directors of functional areas or those who would like to move forward in their careers in an organisation, regardless of its size or orientation.

The course takes into account the variety of previous experience and training of all participants, who come from diverse professions and areas of work with different qualifications. The programme is designed so that is easy to follow regardless of the degree of previous familiarity which each student may have with the subjects taught.

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