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Postgraduate Course in Technopolitics and Rights in the Digital Era

Academic Directors

Simona Levi

  • Theatre director, playwright, technopolitical strategist, multidisciplinary artist. As an activist in recent years she has focused on free culture, digital democracy and the strategic use of digital tools for organization, technopolitical communication, collective initiative, the fight against state corruption and the renewal of democracy.

Academic Coordination

Cristina Ribas

  • Chair of the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication (ACCC).
  • Bachelor in Journalism from Pompeu Fabra University.
  • Adjunct lecturer at the Faculty of Communication of Pompeu Fabra University.


  • Alfons Aragoneses. Professor of Law History at the Pompeu Fabra University and lawyer. His lines of research are transitional justice, transitions to democracy, law and dictatorships and comparative legal history.
  • Joan Benach. Professor of Public Health at the Pompeu Fabra University and the University of Toronto, respectively; member of the Health Inequality Research Group (GREDS-EMCONET, UPF).
  • David Bondia. Senior lecturer of International Public Law and International Relations at the University of Barcelona. Advisor of Local Ombudsmen and to the Forum of Ombudsmen of Catalonia.
  • Beatriz Busaniche. President of the Vía Libre Foundation, teacher in the Communication Sciences Course at the University of Buenos Aires and Magister in intellectual property from FLACSO.
  • Floren Cabello. Professor of Audiovisual Communication Technology in the Communication Sciences Faculty of the University of Málaga.
  • Gabriella Coleman. Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy at McGill University. Trained in anthropology, specialist in the free software movement and the Anonymous group.
  • Carlos Delclós. Sociologist and professor at the Pompeu Fabra University, researcher and editor of ROAR Magazine.
  • Valentina Delich. Valentina Delich is the director of the Public Rights and Properties Program and Academic Director of the Master's Program.
  • Manuel Gonzalez Bedia. Bachelor of Physical Sciences, cofounder of the 'Spanish network of Cognitive Sciences', professor and researcher in the IT departments of the University of Salamanca, the Complutense and Carlos III universities of Madrid and the University of Zaragoza.
  • Jorge Kors. Professor of Patent Law at the University of Buenos Aires and practicing lawyer.
  • Ignasi Labastida. PhD in Physics and head of the Knowledge Dissemination Office and the Research Department of the CRAI at the University of Barcelona. He is the leader of the Creative Commons project in Spain.
  • Jorge Malem Seña. Professor of law at the UPF. His work is related to political structures in Latin America, theory and legal sociology, censorship and freedom of expression, civil disobedience, moral enforcement, the relationship between the moral and the legal, contemporary societies and social sciences.
  • Arnau Monterde. PhD in the Society of Information and Knowledge, coordinator of the Technopolitical project in the Communication Networks and Social Change research group at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute of the UOC.
  • Ismael Peña-López. PhD in the Society of Information and Knowledge and professor of Law and Political Sciences Studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).
  • Jaron Rowan. Coordinator of the art department at the BAU, University Center of Design, in Barcelona, where he teaches the subject 'Economy, business and design'. PhD and Master's degree in Cultural Studies from the Goldsmiths University of London.
  • Víctor Sampedro. Professor of Public Opinion and Political Communication. He founded and led the master program in Digital Communication, Culture and Citizenship (MediaLab Pardo-URJC).
  • Ramon Sangüesa. Coordinator of the Data Transparency Lab, a joint initiative of the MIT, INRIA, Mozilla Foundation and Telefónica Research and Development. PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Learning from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
  • Carlos A. Scolari. Professor in Cyberculture and communication with a Master's degree in Social communication from the UPF.
  • Raquel Xalabarder. Professor of Intellectual Property at the Open University of Catalonia. PhD in Law from the University of Barcelona, and member of the ALADDA (Literary and Artistic Association for the Defense of Copyright) and the ALAI (International Literary and Artistic Association).

Keynotes / expert team: approaches / workshops / case studios / AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Consult the full CVs of professors and collaborators here (in Spanish)

  • Julian Assange
  • Valery Alzaga
  • Victoria Anderica
  • Renata Ávila
  • David Bravo
  • Vanni Brusadin
  • Gemma Calvet
  • Michele Catanzaro
  • CNMC
  • Courage Foundation
  • Javier Creus
  • Helen Darbishire / Access Info
  • Dimmons / IgopNet / Mayo Fuster Morell
  • Cory Doctorow
  • Alberto Escorcia
  • José Adolfo Estalella
  • Daniele Grasso / El Confidencial/ ICIJ
  • Stéphane Grueso
  • GuifiNet / Ramon Roca
  • Antoni Gutiérrez Rubí
  • Brian Holmes
  • Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data / Lourdes Muñoz
  • Jordi Iparraguirre
  • Pedro Kumamoto
  • Joan Llinares
  • Maadix
  • Guillem Martínez
  • Ruben Martínez Moreno
  • Margarita Padilla
  • Andrés Pereira de Lucena /
  • Rights International Spain
  • Genís Roca
  • Carne Ross
  • Pere Rusiñol
  • Mònica Terribas
  • José Luis de Vicente
  • Xnet
  • Jeremie Zimmermann
  • 15MpaRato

Council: Advisory, Management, Academic, etc.


  • HEALTH: Jordi Camí. Professor of pharmacology at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona and managing director of the Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona (PRBB) and the Pasqual Maragall Foundation.
  • COMMUNICATION: Mònica Terribas. Senior lecturer of Communication Theory in the Audiovisual Journalism and Communication department at the Pompeu Fabra University.
  • HUMANITIES: Jordi Mir. Professor in the Humanities Department at the Pompeu Fabra University. Director of the Social Movement Studies Center (CEMS) at the UPF.
  • ELISAVA: Vanni Brusadin. Cultural researcher in the field of the intersection of art, new technologies, popular culture and politics. He is the founder of the 'The Influencers Festival'.


  • Renata Ávila
  • David Bondia
  • Gabriella Coleman
  • Javier Creus
  • Floren Cabello
  • Ignasi Labastida
  • Genís Roca
  • Jaron Rowan