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Postgraduate on Active & Healthy Ageing Project Management

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

  1. The elderly: developmental and psychological process
    • The ageing process. Old age and its stages
    • Changes inherent in the ageing process
    • Learning of the elderly: intelligence, memory and non-cognitive factors
    • Social representation of old age
  2. Active elderly people
    • Concept of active elderly people
    • Active ageing: basic axes
    • Retirement from work and active leisure
  3. Strategies for promoting the participation of groups of elderly people
    • Associations and the elderly
    • New models of participation: work commissions
    • Voluntary work of the elderly
    • Integration of the elderly into the community
  4. Voluntary work of the elderly
    • State of voluntary work of the elderly on a Catalan, national and European level
    • Analysis of current programmes
    • Strategies of action
    • Management models
  5. Axes of intervention in groups of the elderly
    • Training
    • Culture as a facilitating element
    • Relation-oriented leisure time
  6. Inter-generational programmes
  7. Leisure equipment for the elderly
    • The retirement process and entry into leisure time
    • Models and functions of the socio-cultural equipment of the elderly
  8. Planning techniques and SCA programme design for the elderly
    • Analysis of the environment
    • Defining of objectives
    • Methodology
    • Programming of activities
    • Assessment
  9. Social skills of facilitators of the elderly
    • Profile and functions of the facilitator
    • Group dynamics
    • Basic social skills: assertiveness, leadership, dispute handling, human relations
  10. Resources
  11. Writing up of a project/report + practicals