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Postgraduate Course in Strategic Planning and Brand Meaning


The methodology is primarily participative and is aimed at professional practice. The following is included for each of the course modules:

  • Illustrations of key concepts and conceptual frameworks by the teacher.
  • Discussion of the reading.
  • In-class discussion of case studies.
  • Resolution of case studies.

In addition, participants must define an offline and online brand and communication strategy project about a specific case that they will work on throughout the entire course.


Project tutoring

The project will be carried out working in groups of four. This work is supervised on an ongoing basis throughout its different phases by teachers who guide the students and continuously evaluate the progress of their work. The project tutoring sessions take place at the end of each module.




The course will be assessed based on four fundamental components:

  • Attendance of at least 80% of the classes.
  • Active participation in class.
  • Effectiveness in the creative director role for multidisciplinary projects.
  • Effectiveness and individual creative contribution to the group in multidisciplinary projects.



Face-to-face masters programs, postgraduate courses and short courses at UPF Barcelona School of Management combine active student participation with the teaching of theoretical and practical concepts. This type of learning focuses on discussing and resolving case studies in the classroom and applying the knowledge acquired to real-life situations. Face-to face programs use Aula Global, the virtual campus, to maintain continuity between classroom sessions.