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Postgraduate Course in SEO and Social Media for Communicators

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

Module 0. Introduction This module offers basic technical training in the field of digital communication. It also includes specific training in digital journalism, especially document databases for journalistic use, as well as current trends in the sector and technical training in the use of digital publication platforms, especially WordPress.

Module I. SEO This module offers an insight into search engine positioning and SEO and keeps students abreast of current trends. It also includes training on how search engines work, Google's most recent algorithms, campaign methodologies and how to optimize different digital platforms (websites, videos, mobile apps, etc.). The module also includes training in SEO and web analytics, focusing on the Google Analytics tool.

Module II. SEM This module provides training on search engine marketing (SEM), with a particular focus on the Google Adwords product. It also includes training in how to design landing pages, usability, and the use of other online advertising networks and traffic management. The module will also examine web analytics, focusing on Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Module III. Social Media This module provides comprehensive training in the current trends and uses of social networks, especially Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It explores communication and planning protocols for social campaigns from a practical as well as a strategic point of view. Theoretical classes on Social Media Optimization are complemented by seminars on current trends in social networks. The module also provides training in analytics, focusing on the Google Analytics tool, and its relationship with social networks, as well as specific analytics tools for various different platforms.

Module IV. Email-marketing This module offers technical training in the use of the MailChimp product, while also reviewing the main platforms available on the market - including automated marketing platforms such as Selligent, Experian, HubSpot and Eloqua. It also includes a section on analytics, looking at how to link Google Analytics and email-marketing platforms.

Final Project (150 non-taught hours)Project focusing on positioning for a digital communication campaign.

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Final Degree

Upon successfully completing the program, students will receive a Postgraduate Course in SEO and Social Media for Communicators, awarded by Pompeu Fabra University.