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Online Postgraduate Course in Public Health


The Online Postgraduate Course in Public Health is a online program, the course run via the virtual campus.

The course is based around 10 practical, participatory teaching modules in which students gain conceptual, attitudinal and conceptual skills through a wide range of activities that are directly linked to professional practice.

Active, student-focused learning is at the heart of the course. As such, the course provides a wide range of resources (reference texts, resource guides, videos from experts and web 2.0 tools) that help the student complete the set tasks and acquire the key skills.

In addition, the virtual environment ensures easy access to the resources and allows for flexibility in organizing students' personal time. It also encourages students to share their knowledge and work together during the course.



The course units are continuously evaluated based on the completion of different activities (projects or tests). These activities are both group and individual and take place during the on-campus weeks.

The Final Project must be presented at the very latest in the academic year following the completion of the Postgraduate Course in Public Health's 10 units. Presentation can be either face-to-face or online.



UPF Barcelona School of Management’s online masters, postgraduate programs and short courses are aimed at professionals who prefer to work 100% online, without attending face-to-face in-classroom sessions. This type of learning requires the active participation of the student through a wide variety of online resources (documents, bibliography, 2.0 tools, videos, interactive applications, etc.) that enable learning, practical work and the acquisition of new key competences.