Our history

The Continuing Education Institute was founded in 1993 and is the fruit of a joint collaboration between Pompeu Fabra University and a group of prestigious companies. Its objective was to strengthen the university-company bond and provide professional postgraduate training in the University’s areas of expertise.
In recent years, the Foundation has administered the training it offers using different names, logotypes and areas of knowledge.


Continuing Education Institute

The Continuing Education Institute was founded in 1993, three years after Pompeu Fabra University was established.

It was located in a building situated on Marc Aureli Street (Sant Gervasi) and offered 15 master programs, postgraduate courses and specialization courses. They included the postgraduate courses in Business Administration and Financial Management, which are still running today and are highly regarded in their respective fields.

Three years later, in 1996, the Continuing Education Institute relocated to the Balmes Building, where it is currently situated.


IDEC-Universidad Pompeu Fabra

In just a few years, the Continuing Education Institute, which has been renamed IDEC-Pompeu Fabra University, has gone from offering 15 programs to more than 100.

Due to its enlargement it was decided that the master programs, postgraduate courses and specialization courses offered by the institute should be grouped into three large areas of knowledge: Business, Law and Public Management and Communication and Language.

During this period, IDEC-Pompeu Fabra University took on an international dimension:

It extended its educational offer to Algeria, Argentina and Mexico and joined the main international educational networks. In Barcelona, the 26 international students that enrolled in the first few years increased to more than 1000 in 2006.


Barcelona School of Management

In 2011 UPF promoted the creation of a new school of management: Barcelona School of Management, which opened its doors in September. It took over the business and public management master’s and postgraduate courses from the former IDEC-Pompeu Fabra University. At the same time, the school also began to offer Masters of Science as well as international, full time and English language master programs, taught at the Ciutadella campus.

IDEC-Pompeu Fabra University continues to offer master's and postgraduate courses in the areas of Politics and Society, Law, Cultural Management and Humanities, Health and Social Welfare, Language and Translation, Innovation and Information Management, Communication, Journalism and Audiovisual Media, Advertising & Corporate Reputation and Creativity in Digital Media. It coexists with the Barcelona School of Management at the Balmes Building.


UPF-IDEC y UPF Barcelona School of Management

In 2013, at the same time Pompeu Fabra University re-designed its graphics, IDEC and Barcelona School of Management changed its image and nomenclature to coincide with those of the University.

UPF-IDEC offers programs in Law, Communication and Language at three campuses (the Balmes Building, the Poblenou campus and the Mar campus) while UPF Barcelona School of Management offers management programs at the Balmes Building and the Ciutadella campus.


UPF Barcelona School of Management

Pompeu Fabra University’s goal was to progress towards an innovative model within the field of education. It therefore decided to group all of the professional postgraduate courses it offers under one name: UPF Barcelona School of Management.

This amalgamation was the beginning of a shift towards a model for a school that adapts to the needs of 21st century professionals and understands that management is a resource that is fundamental to any kind of professional development; it is not just linked to the world of business or leadership roles.

UPF Barcelona School of Management wants to become a new big name in the sphere of professional education and is committed to being associated with interdisciplinarity and interaction between different talents.