Careers services

UPF Barcelona School of Management offers a Careers Service to help you maximize your professional potential. Through personalized attention and professional development activities, we help you to kick-start your career, increase your interaction with the business world and improve your chances of finding employment when you graduate.

Internship and job search

UPF Barcelona School of Management's master's and postgraduate programs starting from 15 ECTS offer the possibility of curricular or extracurricular internships.

  • Curricular internships
    • Form part of the academic course contents. The internship is considered to be an additional subject that must be passed in order to successfully complete the course.
    • Are compulsory. In some courses there is the option to have prior professional experience accredited in place of the internship.
    • Are supervised by the Careers Service. Students are assigned an Internship Adviser who will assist you in your internship search, manage the internship agreements with the company and be the point of contact throughout the internship period. Always remember, the final selection process is at the discretion of the individual company.
  • Extracurricular internships
    • Are not part of the academic course contents. The internships are complementary to the taught classes.
    • Are not compulsory. If you wish to undertake an internship you will need to inform us upon applying.
    • Are organized differently depending on the course. Check what services your course includes on its webpage:
      • Advising and management of the internship agreement: The Careers Service maintains in close contact with companies, supports your application and arranges the internship agreement.
      • Management of the internship agreement: Students need to find an internship under their own initiative and the Careers Service will arrange the internship agreement.

For both curricular and extracurricular internships, the final selection process is at the discretion of the individual company. In section 9 of our terms & conditions you will find more information regarding our school’s internship regulations.

We also offer you support during your job search, providing you with access to our job offers platform Campus Treball (in Spanish) and putting you in contact with the companies we collaborate with.

Workshops and assessments

You can participate in our professional development workshops or, if you prefer, book a personalized career assessment with one of our career specialists.

  • Career Development Program (CDP)
    • Maximize your professional impact: How to best package your skills and knowledge
    • Networking as a strategy for career success
    • Get that job: Interview preparation
  • Personal Career Assessment
    • Professional orientation
    • Career planning guidance
    • Support for your job search

Talks and Networking

We want to put you in touch with the business world, providing you with opportunities to learn from sector specialists and to participate in networking activities. Throughout the academic year we will invite you to a series of events to improve your employability, establish new contacts and get to know first- hand what our recruiters look for in candidates.

  • Talks and presentations: Sessions given by business leaders and professional training specialists.
  • Networking activities: Events where you will have the opportunity to establish national and international contacts with professionals and businesses in various sectors.