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Doing Business in China


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
19 May 2018
End of program:
27 May 2018
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Do you want to increase your understanding of the Asian giant?

Have you ever considered doing business in China but you don’t know where to start?

Do you know the characteristics about leadership or marketing strategies in China?

We propose that you take a training week in Shanghai so that you can gain first-hand knowledge on the Asian reality and its business context.

China has become consolidated as the leading global economic powerhouse at generating business opportunities for foreign companies and entrepreneurs. However, to ensure your projects turn out a success, it is essential to have good level of knowledge on the social and economic reality of the country.

At UPF Barcelona School of Management, we are aware of the need to go further and gain a better understanding of this complex reality, so in addition to the transversal and international program, we present you with a week-long training program in Shanghai to give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Chinese business context through visits to companies from different sectors, and to enable you to get to know current trends in Management through intensive training given by renowned experts. In a sense, to understand the giant China, their culture and their business tone.

 The training program is offered jointly between the UPF Barcelona School of Management and the School of Management - Fudan University, one of top-ranked universities in Asia. It is included in the main world rankings of international universities, as:

- Times Higher Education Ranking (2018) : 3th Chinese university (position 116 worldwide and 16 in Asia).

- Times Higher Education Ranking for Economics (2018): 61th highest ranked university in the world in Economics (3rd in China and 7th in Asia).


 The program also includes a visit to Chinese and Spanish companies operating in order to immerse yourself in complex economic reality.  You will recognize cross-cultural differences and identifies Chinese consumers’ behavior patterns, interact with local private sectors and gain first-hand knowledge about business environment in China and experience authentic Chinese culture by networking with local counterparts. We will visit  the following companies: Lenovo Group, Roca Sanitario and Herborist.