«Education is the most powerful weapon we can use
to change the world
» (Nelson Mandela)

We are living in times of profound change, with new trends in education and the economy alongside social and demographic upheavals. Here at UPF Barcelona School of Management we are fully aware of this new reality and as such are deeply committed to the following values:

  • Professional passion: People grow when they dedicate themselves to doing what they enjoy. We can’t settle for just meeting goals, we need to aim to fulfil dreams.
  • Individual talent: Each individual is the protagonist of their own learning, with the school a mere platform to help them along the way. Lecturers are expert companions on the path of learning, mentors who prompt the right questions to be asked at the right moment. They create the most suitable context to discover each student’s talent and then make it grow.
  • Grounded management: Ideas are plans and it is management that allows us to make them a reality. Management is “doing”, it is the commitment that we have to convert ideas into tangible value. Without management innovation is a chimera, form without substance.
  • Real-life learning: Training needs to respond to an ever-changing current situation. It is only through solving real challenges that we can keep fully up to date. Project-based learning is more meaningful, more motivating, and more connected with today’s reality.
  • Learning through trial and error: Effort and constant trial and error are key concepts in acquiring knowledge. Doing, creating, failing...and then succeeding. The best way to overcome the fear of being wrong is by making mistakes.
  • Co-creation: Involving more people means multiplying ideas. Bringing together different points of views and contrasting ideas with mentors, lecturers and companies drives learning. Complex problems can’t be solved individually but collectively.
  • Creativity as a source of innovation: The capacity for creativity is always with us. Enhancing it is to promote progress and innovation. The combination of creation with the capacity for analysis is extraordinarily powerful and helps us to come to new and different solutions.