Xavier Puig analyses the challenges in store for CaixaBank as part of the PROGRESSA programme

On the 26th of September last the Barcelona School of Management hosted a conference entitled “The crisis... will it never end?” led by Professor Xavier Puig, Doctor in Business Administration and head of banking courses at the Barcelona School of Management of Pompeu Fabra University.

The event, which was held in the Auditorium of CaixaBank, was an intense reflection on the current debt situation of the Spanish economy and the bank’s role in addressing this situation.

According to professor Puig, the rapid growth of the years leading up to the crisis obscured profound imbalances that now, in the depths of the crisis, have revealed the inefficiencies and weaknesses of the system. The detonator of the current economic crisis is the level of public and private debt, which highlights the importance of the optimal management of resources in order to reduce the differences between Spain and the leading countries of Europe.

On this note, Professor Puig affirmed that, in the last three years, the bank has “done its homework”, so that it is no exaggeration to claim that it is now one of the cleanest in Europe.  Despite this optimistic reading, he recognised that “the burden is still so heavy that it will be difficult to return to the situation we were in before.”

Xavier Puig’s conference in CaixaBank is part of the PROGRESS management development programme that the Barcelona School of Management is conducting for the bank with the aim of developing the internal talent of professionals within the company.  The programme, as part of CaixaBank’s Strategic Plan and its universal banking model, makes use of an innovative methodological focus involving an innovative and rigorous combination of online and in-person modules, and both individual and group work.