Vladimir de Semir, chosen expert of the Science in Society programme of the European Commission

The European Commission\'s Scientific Committee has selected ten experts to form part of the programme Science in Society, including Vladimir de Semir, director of the \'Observatory of Scientific Communication (OCC), a special research centre of UPF\'s Department of Communication, and director of the Master\'s in Scientific, Health and Environmental Communication at IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Science in Society Programme

During the coming years, the objective of this European platform will be to follow the implementation policies for activities related to research and the provision of scientific and technological knowledge to society, a task which is due to culminate in a European conference on Science in Society planned for 2010.

Vladimir de Semir will be carryring out this task together with European experts Bruno Latour (France), Sally Wyatt (United Kingdom), Ulrike Felt (Austria), Marina Calloni (Italy), Andrzej Gorski (Poland), Armin Grunwald (Germany), Eszter Markus (Hungary), Arie Rip (Holland) and Karen Siune (Denmark).

This committee of experts is responsible for producing a balance of programmes about Science in Society developed in recent years; to carry out an analysis of the present situation and of the political initiatives taken by different European States. In addition to this, it will have to identify the priorities of the Science for Society programme and its influence in the Area of European Research in order to draw up the corresponding recommendations for the governments of member States in the Union and associated countries.

Master\'s in Scientific Communication

The Master\'s in Scientific, Health and Environmental Communication outlines the keys to providing scientific knowledge, and how it is generated and managed.