UPF rewards the talent of 39 master and postgraduate students

  • This year, the recipients of the scholarship achieved an average academic grade of 9.1, higher than in any previous year.
  • Of the 39 winning students, 30 were female and 31 were foreign nationals.

A total of 39 students at UPF Barcelona School of Management and UPF-IDEC have seen their excellent academic records rewarded in the form of a Talent Scholarship. The Talent Scholarships are an initiative of the Institute for Continuing Education Private Foundation and aim to recognize and reward students whose talent and motivation is demonstrated through their excellent academic record, relevant professional achievements or commitment to social issues. “We want to recognize and reward your efforts, but we also want to serve as a foundation for your continued personal and professional growth. Furthermore, we also want you to be our ambassadors and to help us promote UPF values such as excellence, critical thinking and the capacity to transform”, declared Daniel Serra, who is the academic director and chairman of the Talent Scholarships Committee at the Institute for Continuing Education Foundation.

This third edition of the scholarship program received a total of 281 applications, of which 67% were from foreign applicants, clearly reflecting the growing demand and interest from students in other countries. “You should be proud of yourselves, because these scholarships aren’t easy to obtain. Every year there are more applicants and comparing their profiles is difficult. But if there’s one thing we’re proud of, it’s having you with us and being able to trust in your talent”.

A total of 39 scholarships have been awarded this year, with each one covering between 25% and 50% of the tuition fees for the chosen master program . “These scholarships are not simply financial assistance; they constitute recognition of the efforts you have made and the success you have achieved to date. They also represent a responsibility to maintain these levels of academic success and to always strive to achieve excellence.”

In order to qualify for a scholarship, students must achieve an average academic grade of more than 8. This year, the recipients of the scholarship achieved an average academic grade of 9.1, higher than in any previous year. Serra also highlighted the academic diversity of the recipients, who are studying a variety of different masters programs ranging from Marketing, International Business, Financial Management and Sports Management at Barcelona School of Management, to Editing, Creative Writing, Digital Arts and Translation at IDEC-UPF. He also drew attention to the high percentage of female scholarship recipients (79%). “These are figures we discover at the end of the selection process, but without a doubt they confirm that a great many women are highly educated and possess enormous talent”, Serra concluded.