UPF passes the first stage of the Campus for International Excellence

Universitat Pompeu Fabra\'s Campus UPF-Icària Internacional project has successfully passed the first stage of the CEI (Campus for International Excellence), specifically in the sub-programme for the development and creation of a strategic plan, and will receive a subsidy of 179,424 euros from the Ministry of Education. The Campus for International Excellence programme is a joint venture between the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Ministry of Education, the aim of which is, by 2015, to situate outstanding Spanish universities alongside the best in Europe and win them international recognition.

15 projects among the total of 51 presented by Spanish universities have passed this initial phase of the process. The economic aid obtained by UPF -which breaks down into 72,739 euros in personnel contracted and 106,684 euros in direct spending on development or contracting and sub-contracting services and activities- should in the near future allow the creation of a complete development plan for the project.

In a second phase, which will be completed by the end of November of this year, an internationally recognised comission of experts will decide which projects of the 15 selected will be fully completed during the period 2009-2012, after a public presentation organised by its creators. To this end a joint amount of 3 million euros in subsidies and 150 million euros in loans will be granted to the autonomous communities of the selected universities.

In addition to the UPF, three public Catalan universities (Autònoma de Barcelona, Rovira i Virgili i Barcelona, the latter in possible collaboration with the UPC) have passed through into the second phase of the venture.

Information from the Ministry of Education regarding the first phase of the Campus for International Excellence

The Campus UPF-Icària Internacional project

The Campus UPF-Icària Internacional project is a result of the fact that UPF, despite being a young institution, has established itself as one of the most international universities in Europe and is able to present credentials for the quality of its teaching and research, which are clearly visible in its indicators and compiled in the relevant rankings. The Campus UPF-Icària Internacional is therefore a strategic project which serves to strengthen the foundations of the UPF model: quality teaching, maximum internationalisation and excellence in the field of research, which is able to thrive thanks to efficient government and management and the utmost commitment to Barcelona and the country.

The activities which form part of the framework of this venture are developed alongside the university\'s strategy for 2015, and their objective is to accelerate the process of international excellence which the university has worked towards since its foundation. The aim of the UPF is therefore to establish itself as a highly recognised and influential European university in its three main areas: social sciences and humanities, communication and information technologies and bio-medicine, giving them a greater conjunction and a unique projection as a whole.

The following are s ome of the main elements on which the project strategy is based: the promotion of academic transversality; the development of an international postgraduate and doctorate model; leadership in research through the organisation of research into scientific parks (promotion of the Social Sciences and Humanities Scientific Park, the consolidation of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, and Barcelona Media Park, which are already a reality), or the Open Research Center project, conceived as a meeting and reference point for world research.

To bring this to fruition, the University is counting on the unique development potential of the Campus, thanks to a reserved land area which extends over 60.000 square metres, to be built on in the heart of Districte 22@. This area will provide different academic and scientific buildings, foundations, science and technology parks, research centres, businesses and centres for innovation and exchange.