UPF is the Spanish Leader in Economics and Business Research

rankings I-UGRThe third edition of the “I-UGR Ranking of Spanish Universities according to Fields and Scientific Disciplines, 3rd ed. 2012”, also known as the ISI Ranking, has just been published. This is a league table of public and private universities in Spain, based on research published in high-impact and high-visibility international journals.

UPF, in the top ten in seven areas of science
In 2012, Pompeu Fabra University attained the top position in the field of “Economics and Business”. It is also in fourth position when it comes to “Biological Sciences”. In addition, in 7 of the 12 areas of science analysed, it is positioned among the top ten, and particularly noteworthy is its seventh place in “Medicine and Pharmacy”.

It is a leader in Economics, Genetics, Evolutionary Biology and Public Health
In eight of the 37 scientific disciplines analysed in the league table, Pompeu Fabra University reaches the top five in Spain. It is in first position in the “Economics”, “Genetics and Evolutionary Biology” and “Public Health” categories. It is also situated in Spain’s top three when it comes to research into “Political Science”, “Multidisciplinary”, “Business” and “Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology”. Lastly, it holds fifth position in the field of “Sociology”.

Methodological aspects of the I-UGR Ranking
The “I-UGR Ranking of Spanish Universities according to Fields and Scientific Disciplines 3rd ed. 2012” provides league tables for 12 fields and 37 scientific disciplines. It looks at a five-year period (2007-2011) and a ten-year period (2002-2011) and sources its information from Thomson Reuters databases, the essential reference point used by assessment agencies such as CNEAI and ANECA.

The main purpose of these league tables is to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the Spanish university research system in various knowledge areas.