UPF is ranked as best university in the country in the fourth edition of the U-ranking

For the fourth year running, the University remains in first place in the ranking set up by the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE), which evaluates teaching, research and innovation in Spanish universities.

UPF is positioned as the most globally productive university in the country. By activities, it is in joint first place with the University of Navarra in teaching productivity; second place in research behind the UAB; and fourth in innovation and technological development, behind the polytechnic universities of Catalonia, Valencia and Madrid, respectively. This breakdown in results is an improvement on those achieved in the last edition.

The following table shows the results of the Spanish universities in the leading positions according to their global productivity, and also includes their position in the three areas evaluated.

The Catalan university system, national leader

The report highlights “surprising” differences in performance among universities, revealing how the more efficient ones are triply as productive as less active ones. It also shows how public universities are the leaders of the Spanish university system, and specifies that three Catalan universities lead in the three areas analysed, teaching, research and innovation, and technical development.

On the other hand, the report highlights the differences between university systems in different Spanish regions, revealing Catalonia in first place, followed by Cantabria, the Pais Valenciano, Navarra, the Balearic Islands, and Madrid.