UPF Alumni organises a meeting of the representatives of its chapters in Latin America

UPF Alumni is a project which is promoted by Pompeu Fabra University to link all its alumni around the world, at both graduate and postgraduate level. Within this framework, from IDEC we are promoting the creation and development of international chapters in all countries, so extending activities which began in Argentina in 2003 and later in other Latin American countries such as Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia- and those which are in the construction phase in Brazil, The Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

In this respect, on 19th and 20th November, there was a meeting in Barcelona of the representatives of the international chapters of six Latin American countries: Argentina (Daniel Vitali), Ecuador (Fausto Valencia and Santiago Martínez), Mexico (César Sánchez), Peru (Max Carrasco), Chile (Cristian Solís) and Uruguay (Ana Pereyra).

Several meetings were held to present the activities organised by each chapter and to outline future strategic lines of action, as part of the UPF Alumni project and UPF\'s move towards international expansion. In addition to this, the head of each chapter met up with participants of their own nationality who are studying IDEC programmes on the 2008-2009 course to introduce them to the work of the AA in their country with the aim of encouraging an exchange of experiences and contacts.

Along these lines, on trips abroad between September and December by Pau Verrié, director general of IDEC, Isabel Pera, head of UPF Alumni at IDEC, and Belén Hernández, head of foreign marketing, meetings were organised with alumni in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico.