Two UPF Barcelona School of Management Master's Degrees present in the El Mundo newspaper ranking

Five Master's Degrees offered by the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and two from the UPF Barcelona School of Management are included in the Master 250 ranking, which is published annually by El Mundo newspaper.

This list, which includes graduate programs and online MBAs, aims to present the most popular qualifications, career opportunities and the most prestigious universities and business schools in the field of higher education in Spain.

In its preparation, the newspaper analyzed a thousand post-graduate programs in 50 specialties, from which it chose the top five institutions where they are taught in Spain, a figure that adds up to a total of 250 master's degrees.

To undertake this classification, it worked with around 750 experts, teachers, students, ex-alumni and business partners, who based their analyses on a total of 25 criteria.

The selected programs include the Master's Degree in Public and Social Policy, directed by Vicente Navarro in the Political and Administration Sciences category and the Master's Degree in Sports Management, within the group of specialized business master's degrees.

From the UPF, they also included the Master's Degree in Public Health, taught jointly by the UPF and the UAB, the Master's Degree in Bioinformatics for Health Sciences(UB-UPF), the Master's Degree in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnology within the Pharmacy specialty in the area of Health; the Master's Degree in Biomedical Research, within the Biosciences specialty in the Science and Technology section and the Master's Degree in Immigration Management ("Family and Integration" specialty in the field of Social Sciences).