Two IDEC lecturers among the authors of the best current books on Management

Oriol Amat, with the book Contabilidad y finanzas para no financieros (Accounting and Finance for the non-financial) and Alfred Font, with his work Negociar con arte (Negotiation with art), have been included in the list of the fifteen best authors in the current world of management compiled by the economics newspaper Cinco Días.

Oriol Amat is director of the Master's in Financial and Accounting Management and also teaches on numerous IDEC programmes. The areas of interest of this Professor of Financial and Accounting Economics at UPF are the analysis of companies and management accounting. Oriol Amat has recently published the book Eufòria i Pànic (Euphoria and Panic), in which he analyses the causes of the current economic climate.

Alfred Font directs courses and seminars in strategic negotiation at IDEC and is a negotiation lecturer in the Law Department at UPF. Font has published other books on negotiation, such as: Negociaciones. Entre la cooperación y el conflicto (Negotiations. Between co-operation and conflict) and Curso de negociación estratégica (A course in strategic negotiation).

The Cinco Días collection, entitled Millors Llibres del Managment Actual (The Best Books in Current Management), brings together internationally renowned works and offers all the keys to current Management and their application to different business areas: marketing, advertising, social, financial and accounting networks, SCR and innovation.