Trip4Real, alternative tourism and collaborative economy

Sleep with Airbnb, travel with SocialCar, go sightseeing with Trip4Real and eat with Vizeat. The growth of these so-called “collaborative economy” platforms is not stopping. Initiatives that allow for an alternative consumption and which use technology to put you in contact with thousands of people who are willing to share products and services. In Spain, the Entrepreneurial Activity Rate (EAR) has been progressively increasing throughout recent years, now reaching 5.7%, according to the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) Report . However, it still falls below the European Union average (7.8%). “It is more difficult to maintain a business over time than to launch one. Two out of three entrepreneurs abandon their project within four months of starting it. Some 18% can only endure four years of life, and only one in every 10,000 will manage to be a centenary company,” explains the Economics professor and professor of the Executive MBA from UPF Barcelona School of Management, Oriol Amat. In his book Avanzando, claves para sobrevivir y crecer, Amat analyses successful Spanish company models and their life cycle.

In that case, what is the key to success? “Passion, perseverance, anticipation and never giving up,” claims Gloria Molins, founder of Trip4Real, at the conference she gave at UPF Barcelona School of Management for the “Entrepreneurship Afternoons” organised by UPF Business Shuttle.

Trip4real could be defined as a marketplace for tourist activities. Anybody can propose an activity on the web and the best are selected and approved by the company finally implementing them, thus offering experiences for travellers who want to get to know a country together with the locals as an alternative to traditional tourist trips. “To go hand in hand with a local, someone who knows the city and teaches you about the hidden treasures only the locals know about, and they have a cup of tea with you, they cook a home-made paella for you—it is nothing like a tourist trip. It’s another experience, another way of travelling”, he explains. After three years, the platform has more than 20,000 users and offers 10,500 activities in 50 Spanish cities and 15 European cities such as London, Paris, Lisbon and Rome. The business has continued to grow. “We were two, then four, and today we are a team of 10 people.” Gloria Molins has headed the management and growth of the start-up.

Trip4Real managed to get Ferran Adrià and SCPF to invest in their business, then they set up a financing round for 1 million and they have also established alliances with Airbnb and They assure that you have to celebrate every success and to last 3 years is definitely a success. “We don’t know what is going to last but we carry on working everyday with the same hope and confidence.”