The White Paper on Music, drawn up by the IDEC-UPF, confirms the decline of

Turnover for recorded music has fallen by more than three quarters since 2001

Music as an artistic and creative expression, whether in the form of recordings or live performances, accounts for 0.49% of Spain's GDP. Specifically, the music industry contributed in excess of 5 billion euros to the Spanish economy in 2012, if we count both direct and related activities. This is one of the most significant statistics to emerge from the White Paper on Music in Spain 2013, an exhaustive numbers-based analysis of the condition of the music industry in Spain drawn up by Pompeu Fabra University's Continuing Education Institute (IDEC).  It is the second white paper on music to be published in Spain,  following an earlier report produced in 2005. For this fresh examination of the subject, Promusicae turned to Pompeu Fabra University's IDEC (under the technical direction of Tenzing Media), as a result of its specialist postgraduate programme in Company Management for the Music Industry. The programme celebrates its tenth edition this year and has become a benchmark for the industry throughout Spain.

The publication reveals that although digital formats now account for around 46 per cent of music sales, this has not been enough to prevent the industry's slide as a result of piracy. Specifically, the amount spent by Spanish consumers on recorded music in 2012 was 141 million euros, some 77.5% less than the equivalent figure given by the industry for the year 2000.

The White Paper on Music examines the economic activities linked to this artistic discipline with a meticulousness previously unknown in this sector.  This publication, which is backed by Promusicae (the organisation of which the majority of Spain's music producers are members), estimates the direct financial contribution of musical activities at 907 million euros and related activities at 4.15 billion euros.   Based on the most conservative calculations, these figures indicate that music accounts for almost half of one per cent of Spain's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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