The UPF Barcelona creates the Business Advisory Board in Colombia

On Friday 15 March 2013, the Rector of the Pompeu Fabra University, Josep Joan Moreso, presided over the establishment of the UPF’s Business Advisory Board in Colombia, formed by a group of 12 companies from different sectors, with the aim of advising this university on current and future training needs in Colombia.

The Business Advisory Board is formed by Aqualogy, Aviatur, BBVA, Brigard & Urrutia, Caracol Radio, Ediciones B, Ethuus Group, the Cardioinfantil Foundation, Gas Natural, Novartis, Pacific Rubiales and Telefónica, and has already held its first discussion meeting at the headquarters of Brigard & Urrutia in Bogotá. Francesc Solé, a member of the Board of Directors of Pacific Rubiales, was appointed President of the Board.

The representatives of the signatory companies were:

  • Francesc Solé, member of the Board of Directors, Pacific Rubiales. Elected President of the Advisory Board, at the suggestion of the Rector and ratified in a vote by its members.
  • Philippe Vergnaud, General Manager in Colombia, Ediciones B.
  • Gustavo Robledo, Business Development Director, Aqualogy Latam (AGBAR).
  • Adolfo Francisco, General Manager, Caracol Radio.
  • José Andrés Romero, main Partner, Brigard Urrutia Abogados.
  • Fernando Ricaurte, Human Resources Vicepresident, BBVA.
  • Rodrigo Cabrera, Molecular Biology Research Director, CardioInfantil Foundation.
  • Juan Carlos Álvarez, Director, Telefónica.
  • María Fernanda Hurtado, Public Affairs & Social Responsibility Head, Novartis.
  • Jean Claude Bessudo, Chairman, Aviatur.
  • César Augusto Borrás Gómez, Director of Human Resources, Gas Natural Fenosa. Sílvia Solarte, Human Resources Development Manager of the same company, attended the signing on his behalf.
  • Carlos Cuartas, Commercial Director, Ethuus Group.
  • Josep Joan Moreso, Rector, Pompeu Fabra University.
  • Carme Martinell, Director General, Continuing Education Institute Private Foundation (IDEC and Barcelona School of Management).
  • Ronal Jamid Bohórquez, the Pompeu Fabra University’s Delegate in Colombia.

The Pompeu Fabra University is a public university created in 1990 in Barcelona which, according to the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking, is already in 17th position in the world and 9th in Europe among the universities under 50 years old. The UPF has a vocation for quality teaching, research excellence and considerable internationalization.

The Pompeu Fabra University carries out undergraduate educational activity in the spheres of Social Sciences and Humanities, Health and Communication and Information Technologies. Since its creation it has offered its postgraduate and continuing education programmes through IDEC, and for one year through its business school, the Barcelona School of Management.

Ronal Jamid Bohórquez is the Pompeu Fabra University’s Delegate in Colombia, with the mission of generating activity with a high level of quality by the university in Colombia.

One of the university’s objectives is to stimulate its alumni chapter in Colombia, which is led by Juan Camilo Pérez.