The UPF, among the 225 best universities in the world

The Pompeu Fabra University is in the 201-225 block of the Times Higher Education’s 2012-2013 university ranking. The ranking highlights the UPF for the impact of its scientific production and its internationalization and also for being one of the three Catalan universities, together with the UB and the UAB, among the hundred best in Europe.

In the world, the 2012 THE ranking, of great prestige and influence, continues to show a clear Anglo-Saxon dominance. There are seven U.S. and three English universities in the top ten positions. First place in the world classification is for the California Institute of Technology (USA), followed by the universities of Stanford (USA), Oxford (United Kingdom), Harvard and the MIT, both from the USA.

There are thirty-one European institutions among the top one hundred places, the best being from the United States and Asia. The THE ranking indicates the exact position of the two hundred best universities and the segments in which the rest are positioned, up to the 400 best universities in the world, which include seven Spanish universities. Three of these seven are Catalan: UPF, UB and UAB, being situated in the 201-225 segment of the ranking.

The UPF stands out for the impact of its scientific production and its internationalization
The methodology of analysis used in the THE includes thirteen indicators which refer to five main categories which have different specific weightings for the overall calculation: teaching (30%), research (30%), impact of the published works (30%) – number of citations -, internationalization – both of students and of faculty - (7.5%), and knowledge transfer and innovation (2.5%).

As with the previous ranking (2011), one of the categories with the highest weightings is precisely the category in which the UPF stood out the most. This is one which takes into account the influence of the works published in high impact journals, in which the UPF scored 77.5, reflecting the quality of the work carried out, which becomes a reference for the rest of the scientific community.

The next best score was obtained in the assessment of the internationalization of faculty and students (49.9). The scores in the rest of the categories were: knowledge transfer and innovation (43.2), teaching (27.3) and research (23.2).

Moreover, last May Times Higher Education (THE) published the first THE Under 50 ranking, a list of the hundred top universities in the world under 50 years old, in which the UPF was in 17th position in the world, 9th if we focus on the European sphere, and 1st in Spain. This new THE project arose with the aim of recognizing and highlighting the young institutions with potential growth which are able to hold positions of leadership in the sphere of higher education in the near future.