The training of sporting talent in CA Boca Juniors

Jorge Raffo, Director General of Grassroots Football of CA Boca Juniors delivered the lecture “Business management in the training of sporting talent in the framework of the Master in Sports Management and Direction, run by Carles Murillo and Pere Solanellas. The lecture by the former CA Boca Juniors player, held on 3 December last, was preceded by a talk by Oriol Mercadé, psychologist for C.F Marfil Santa Coloma, responsible for the High Performance working group of the Official Association of Psychologists of Catalonia (COPC) and a former student from the master’s degree. Mercadé underlined the importance of “training people rather than training sportsmen and women”.

For his part, Jorge Raffo talked about his career as a grassroots football coach and stated that the secret to success is “the training process”. Raffo stated that “winning is very important as part of the training but fundamentally the maximum objective is be able to provide players who are prepared technically, physically, psychologically and in footballing terms in order to be able to play in the First Division.” The Director General of Grassroots Football of CA Boca Juniors stated that “it is essential to know how to manage the passion of the players in order to achieve success”.

Master in Sports Management and Direction
Some time ago the training of talents in highly professionalised sport stopped being that traditional old axiom of raising football players. Nowadays the training of young talents demands a sports business management which allows players to be generated with comprehensive training, which allows the sporting spectacle to be improved and income to be generated in order to recover the investment made by the clubs.