The Spanish Genetic Counselling Society is born

On 30th March SEAGen (The Spanish Society of Genetic Counselling) was presented
as part of the XXVI National Congress on Human Genetics, which was held in
Murcia. This is the first society of its kind in this country and was created
by a group of participants from the Master
in Genetic Counselling
offered by IDEC-Universitat Pompeu

Important advances in genetics in recent decades and its rapid application
to clinical practice, as well as the lack of recognition of the profession
in Spain, as well as the lack of training requirements established by professionals
in the field, were the motives which moved these professionals to create the

The Spanish Society of Genetic Counselling was founded with the idea of bringing
together different professionals working as genetic counsellors, or those who
are interested in the area due to their profession. It also seeks to promote
the development of the profession in Spain as well as specialised training
in this area.

It is hoped that SEAGen will become a benchmark for professionals and associations
in genetic counselling, working closely with key societies in the field, such
as the Spanish Association of Human Genetics, The European Network of Genetic
Counsellors and the Transnational Alliance of Genetic Counselling.

To date, statutes and other procedures associated with the constitution of
the association have been established, as well as work groups in different
areas to promote the association in professional circles which may be interested.

IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra is a pioneering centre in offering its Master
in Genetic Counselling
, a two-year training programme which develops
internationally required professional skills and which offers qualified professional
practice as a genetic counsellor.

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Spanish Society of Genetic Counselling.