The secrets of translation

On 26 May, Adan Kovacsis, National Translation Work award-winner and lecturer
on the Postgraduate
programme in Literary Translation
, together with Mauro Armiño,
2010 National Award for the Best Translation , gave a talk at the National
Library of Spain, where they discussed translation theory and the difficulties
involved in transmitting a text from its original language to others.

For his part, Adan Kovacsis stated that translation suffers from cultural
mistreatment: “ many technical descriptions of books provide the title, publisher,
number of pages and year of publication, but never the translator" . Kovacsis
defined translation as an indispensable asset of universal culture, as it enables
literature to be reached by readers, enriching it with the contributions offered
by the language, without straying from the original work.

Mauro Armiño, a specialist in poetry translation, commented on the
complexity of translating these types of works, which force the translator
to become another poet in order to comprehend and then be able to interpret
the work. He also criticised writers who do not use plain simple language and
who create obstacles for both readers and translators.

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