The perfect teamwork: FHIOS and the Master of Science in ICT Strategic Management work together

In order to end the economic crisis, the Spanish State must trust in companies which bet on innovation in the current trendiest field: technology.

FHIOS is a suitable example. This company is working on an app for one of the inventions of the decade: the Google Glass.

On the other hand, undergraduate students must be able to access to leading companies as FHIOS. The exchange between companies and universities is essential for reinforcing the States economy and its future perspectives. Therefore Barcelona School of Management offers the Master of Science in ICT Strategic Management.

The students of this master will be able to take their internship at FHIOS, which is a good opportunity to provide their technological view and to show their ICT management skills. Definitely this is a productive mix-up for the current situation.  

In summary, this is a chance to strengthen the bridge between companies and universities and it is also a chance for companies to find new blood.