The MSc students celebrate the end of their master programmes in an Academic Completion Ceremony

The students of the MSc in ICT Strategic Management, MSc in International Business and MSc in Management celebrated last night their “Academic Completion Ceremony”, a solemn yet moving act which put a festive end to their master’s classes. The ceremony was held in the grand Auditorium of the UPF Ciutadella Campus.

The event was inaugurated by the master’s Academic Directors, who praised the tenacity and commitment of all of this year’s students. Later on, the class representatives of each master programme came to scene to give an amusing non-academic speech about their peers.

Prof. Ana Valenzuela, Dean of the UPF Barcelona School of Management concluded with an emotional talk in which she referred to the three core ideas that define the UPF Barcelona School of Management, cooperation, creativity and growth. After this, the students were given a final written accreditation of their participation in the programme. The ceremony finished with a champagne toast between the Faculty and the students, thus emphasising the casual ambience of the night.

“The diverse professional backgrounds of the faculty have provided me with an unparalleled experience; an experience that I am certain will prove paramount in my future endeavours. I am certain that the bonds I have forged during my time here will last for years to come," resolved Manuel Aladin, a student of the MSc in International Business programme, which is offered jointly with the UPF School of International Trade, ESCI.

The MSc Programmes are official, full time master programmes entirely taught in English. They provide comprehensive training in business-related areas of expertise from an analytical point of view while encouraging an international exchange of the student’s backgrounds and skills. This year, 84% of the MSc students came from countries other than Spain.