The International Business class heads up to Poland on its first International Business Trip

As part of the MSc in International Business —offered jointly between the UPF Barcelona School of Management and ESCI—, the students of this year’s class had the lucky chance of enjoying their programme’s last activity together: a one-week business trip to explore Poland’s international business arena.

This initiative is the result of a joint collaboration between ACC1Ó, ESCI and the UPF Barcelona School of Management. ACC1Ó, Catalonia’s governmental agency for business competitiveness, seeks to promote Catalonia’s industrial and corporate development both at a local and at international level. It currently operates in 34 branches worldwide.

ACC1Ó presented the International Business Trip’s agenda to our students through a live skype connection with their Warsaw’s offices. From the 24th to the 29th of June, the students of the MSc in International Business will visit companies such as Philipp Morris, Warsaw’s Barcelona’s Football Club school “FCBEscola” and the Special Economic Zone, as well as some of Poland’s most prestigious international business schools. ACC1Ó’s team in Warsaw will be accompanying our students on their trip as networking partners.

The MSc in International Business includes a one-week international business trip where students get to experience the functioning of different international business plans in a foreign country.