The Interactive Project “No Dispositivo” Shown at the Media Estruch Sabadell

On the 12th June, Nicolás Villa, Citlali Hernández and Andrés Costa, former students of the Master in Digital Arts, end their artists’ residency at Media Estruch de Sabadell – a space dedicated to developing innovative performance projects.

Originally presented as the final project of the master’s course, over the past two months they have developed the 2.0 version of [NoDispositivo] in the Hangar arts centre.

[NoDispositivo] is the result of an exploration and study of the presence of the human body as an artistic object, through the lens of dance. The project takes the form of an installation in which an automatic, continuous choreography of a constantly moving bodily system passes through different phases of being visible or invisible. One of the two key elements is a dancer shown via video projection; with the other being four illuminated robots which imitate her movements. Each element appears and disappears at random according to computer-generated orders.

[NoDispositivo] can be seen in Media Estruch de Sabadell’s creation lab on the 12th of June.

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