The failed role of regulators, by Andrés Betancor

Andrés Betancor, director of the Master
in Public Law
, presents the questionable role of regulators and the
failure of supervision in sectors such as finance. In an article published
on 14th April in La Expansión journal, he
states that major issues and top companies do not represent the central issues
for regulators, because their checks are not incisive and so they are also

Regulation allows certain activities to be undertaken which avoid the abuse
of power and encourage the efficiency of the market, and so should not be suppressed.
However, what should be achieved is that regulators are technicians, in possession
of their own criteria, so that there may be no political or business pressure
which might influence their actions.

According to Betancor, the substitution of independent regulators by dependent
Government regulators is not a good solution, therefore he proposes improving
the current system.

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