The economy under analysis: an interview with Oriol Amat

The director of the Master's in Financial Management and Accounting, Oriol Amat, analysed the state of the economy in an interview with the newspaper Avui on 23 May this year. The UPF financial economy professor gave his opinion on the cost-cutting measures proposed by the Spanish government pointing out that, despite the stock market crashes, markets should be viewed in the long term.

Oriol Amat analysed and reflected on the finance sector: sales on credit, the propping up of the finance sector and the incentive schemes of banking executives, among other. In the interview, the professor stated that ?with good public corruption-free management, the state would have a surplus with current levels of monies raised?.

The clarity and transparency of Oriol Amat's replies led the journalist interviewing him, Robert Ramos, to advise readers to study the article carefully, and that to take in everything explained therein, a second reading would no doubt be needed .

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Oriol Amat is director of the Master's in Financial Management and Accounting and participates as a lecturer on various IDEC programmes. The areas of interest of the UP Professor of Financial Economy and Accounting are company analysis and management accounting. Oriol Amat recently published the book Eufòria i pànic, analysing the causes of the current financial situation.