The Double Steps directed by Isaki Lacuesta, wins the San Sebastian Film Festival’s Golden Shell award

The Double Steps won the Golden Shell at the 59 th San Sebastian Film Festival. Directed by Isaki Lacuesta, it is based on the novel-like biography of French painter François Augiéras.

The best way to flee from your persecutors without a trace is to walk backwards in your own footsteps; so thought François Augiéras, who covered every inch of a military bunker in the desert with paintings and then left it to sink into the sand so that no one would find it until the 21 st century. But who precisely is Augiéras? A legionnaire, a painter, a writer, a gunman, a saint, a thief, a devil or a combination of them all?

Lacuesta, a Catalan director of Basque origin, is one of the most promising directors in the Spanish film industry. He has directed four feature films (Cravan vs Cravan, The Legend of Time, The Condemned and All Night Long). In 2009, The Condemned received the FIPRESCI Award (granted by international critics) at the 57th San Sebastian Film Festival. The Condemned was an initiative of the IDEC-UPF Master in Making Documentaries. Lacuesta now teaches on the course, the first edition of which he studied in 1997.