The Catalan government spokesperson, Francesc Homs, closes the Master in Communication Management

Francesc Homs

The Catalan government spokesperson, Francesc Homs, closed the IDEC-UPF’s Master in Communication Management on Thursday 21 June last. During his intervention, he stressed that “nowadays as politicians we have more responsibility when it comes to communicating than when it comes to making decisions, often conditional on the environment”.

In the lecture entitled “Rumours of War”, the Catalan government spokesperson organised his intervention around three main lines: communication is not neutral, communication is presence and control of the account and, finally, it the person who has things to say who communicates.

The spokesperson also remarked the role of democratic control played by the press. He likewise insisted on the need for figures which exercise the capacity to give a hierarchical structure to the information, especially now that the social networks allow instant communication and that there is a saturation of data.

Parallel to this, Francesc Homs stressed that the digital revolution has represented a change between channel and contents. “Before the channel conditioned because they were limited but now the contents are important, as the channels are almost infinite”.

The Master in Communication Management is run by Josep Maria Casasús, Joan Francesc Cánovas and Carles Singla. The master’s programme trains professionals to manage and lead business and institutional communication. The participants develop their capacities to diagnose, design strategies and execute actions. They likewise promote their communication and management skills, making use of the digital technologies.