The Bourgeoisie continue to influence the State, by Vicenç Navarro

In an article published on 26 May in the newspaper Público, Vicenç Navarro,
director of the Master's
in Public and Social Policy
, referred to the responsibility of certain
sectors of Spanish society in the current crisis, where the financial markets
have been used as an excuse.

According to Dr Navarro, it is mistakenly believed that the financial markets
are those determining what happens in each State, substituting the bourgeoisie
in the impact exercised on the latter. He clarified that both the financial
and the industrial bourgeoisie continue to be in force and have certain interests
in common.

Proof of this is the policies the Spanish state has imposed on the general
public by helping employers dismiss workers, reducing salaries, delaying the
retirement age, among others aspects. All under the refutable premise of making
the labour market flexible.

The dominant Spanish class and the mass media have spread the message that
there are no alternatives to the policies being followed in response to external
agents, i.e. the financial markets. Despite this, Dr Navarro declared that
the state deficit could be otherwise solved, for example by reducing tax advantages
fiscals favouring wealthy groups, instead of cutting expenditure and public

Finally, the professor stated that political forces existed proposing appropriate
solutions, but the systematic discrimination exerted against them by the mass
media has meant they have not prospered.

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