The Barcelona School of Management takes part in Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is to take place across the world from 14 to 20 November. The aim of this initiative is to encourage the creation of companies through a large number of activities and to help bring young entrepreneurs from more than 123 countries into contact with activities in the world of business, in order to create value for their own local economies and communities. This year, Spain is holding its fourth edition in different cities.

Global Entrepreneurship Week receives the support of governments and entrepreneurs from around the world who have joined the initiative to encourage the values of entrepreneurial culture. The British Prime Minister David Cameron, the French President Nicolás Sarkozy, Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell and many other well know figures are also supporting this cause.

Thanks to the support of the University Entrepreneurship Network (XEU), the Barcelona School of Management is taking part in GEW with several free activities aimed at entrepreneurs, including:

Digital Entrepreneurship Course

Practical seminar on the critical steps needed for starting up an internet project. From the considerations needed to decide whether or not to undertake the project, to searching for funding and learning how to draw up a business plan.

The course is aimed at those who are interested in starting up or who have decided to start up an online business .

•  Directors: Albert Garcia Pujades and Josep Maria Fàbregas

•  Calendar: from 17 to 28 November 2011

Workshop “Poner color a tu vida” (Add some colour to your life) run by Menno Marien, Director of CROSSMO Crossing synergies.

The aim of the “poner color en tu vida” workshop is to use an artistic exercise to learn about the different important aspects of innovation, creativity and the use of imagination. Participants will create a piece of art and will experience all the phases of the process of innovation with its complications and challenges, and overcome their fear of other people's opinions. The workshop will also deal with the themes of work itself and the creation and implementation of ideas.

•  Calendar : Monday 14 November at 7 pm.

“¿Qué me pongo? L'assessoria d'imatge com a valor afegit” (What shall I wear? Image consultancy as added value) run by Montse Guals, founder of Qué me pongo. Imagen personal.

Nowadays, knowing how to manage our image is of paramount importance. This workshop analyses the resources that everybody needs to confidently manage their image both in their professional and personal lives.

•  Calendar : Tuesday 15 November at 7 pm.