The advisors of Maragall, Sarkozy, Hillary Clinton and Aznar, among the teaching staff on the Master in Political and Institutional Communication

The lecturers of the Pompeu Fabra University’s Department of Communication, Jordi Xifra, Carlos Pont and Toni Aira, are the academic directors of the Master in Political and Institutional Communication which will be taught for the first time this year by IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra. This master’s degree programme is intended to be an opportunity to specialise for graduates who want to orientate their career toward strategy and political or institutional communication. The master’s programme began this October and will end in May. It intends to offer an in-depth identification of criteria and actors who intervene in the generation of public opinion, to establish the influence exerted by the media, public relations, political parties and lobbies, to provide a command of strategies, techniques and methods of analysis, planning and organization and to encourage the optimisation of political and institutional communication processes.

A unique line-up of teaching staff in the country

The master’s programme will count on recognised lecturers, experts, technicians and politicians from different ideologies and parties who will explain their own experiences in work routines and the evolution of this kind of communication. The teaching staff will include especially the participation of Gregory Payne, Associate Professor at Emerson College Boston and political advisor to Hillary Clinton; Pierre Giacometti, ex Director of Ipsos France and advisor to Nicolas Sarkozy, and Carlos Aragonés, who was Chief Advisor to José María Aznar in the Moncloa (1996-2004), among others. There will also be political editors and editors in chief from newspapers like La Vanguardia, El Periódico and El Punt-Avui; political consultants, press officers from a wide range of political parties; full professors of Communication and of Politics; image consultants and analysts of Opinion Polls and Electoral Markets, and also professionals from the sector with important career histories such as Jaume Collboni, Spokesperson of the PSC; David Madí, former campaign manager of Artur Mas and ex-Secretary of Communication of the government of the Generalitat; Josep Martí, current Secretary of Communication of the government of the Generalitat; Jordi Cañas, Spokesperson and Secretary of Communication of Ciudadants (C 's); Eladio Jareño, Director of Communication of the PPC; Xavier Roig, Chief of Staff of Maragall in Barcelona City Council; Oriol Amorós, Deputy Secretary-General of Communication and Strategy of ERC; Jaume Duch, Spokesperson of the European Parliament, and Gerard Guiu, current Chief of Staff of the President of FC Barcelona, formerly of the Mayor of Lleida and of the Regional Minister of Health. Their names join many others which form a unique line-up in the country.

The academic directors stress that "at present, both parties and political leaders require expert communicators, a figure which goes beyond image consulting and marketing".