Tenzing Media to carry out the Chilean Music

The Chilean
Government's National Council for Culture and Arts
has entrusted Tenzing
with drawing up a strategic plan to internationalise Chilean music,
with the aim of helping Chile to become a leading supplier of quality musical
content on a global scale .

Last year, Tenzing Media was also selected to implement the Uruguayan
Music Internationalisation Plan

Tenzing Media is a business development consultancy specialising in the creative
industries sector. Its co-founders are David Loscos, head of the Training and
Internationalisation Department, and Ventura Barba, head of the Legal, Business
Development and Digital Department .

Loscos and Barba have also been course directors for the Postgraduate
Course in Company Management in the Music Industry
for the last eight
years. They will also be the directors of the new Master's
Degree in Management of Companies in the Creative and Cultural Industry
which will begin next February.

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