Talk: 'Is there a future for the professional values of journalism?'

On June 15th of this year a round table took place entitled ?Is there a future for the professional values of journalism??. This one-day meeting was organised jointly by IDEC and UPF\'s Communication Faculty and was opened by Josep Maria Casasús, the faculty dean.

Taking part in the debate were Rosa Maria Calaf, president of the Barcelona Press Centre, Martín G. Etchevers, External Communications Manager with the Grupo Clarín and Antonio Franco, political commentator and member of the publishing committee for Grupo Zeta. Josep Carles Rius, dean of the Journalists College of Catalonia, acted as mediator.

The closing act was led by Salvador Alsius, director of Journalism Studies at UPF, who invited those present to visit the buildings which make up the Communications Campus. This event was held as part of Barcelona Comm & News, the programme of courses for professional development in Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Communication for professionals and organisations.