UPF Barcelona School of Management rewards the talent of 66 master and postgraduate students

On 10 May this year, a total of 66 students from UPF Barcelona School of Management will receive Talent Scholarships, an initiative created for the purposes of rewarding those students who show the greatest talent and motivation demonstrated by a good academic transcript, relevant professional merits or social commitments.  The scholarship covers between 25 and 50% of their chosen master program enrolment fee. Through this scholarship, UPF Barcelona School of Management wants to provide an economic grant to its students, however it also wants to become a talent provider for society and businesses. “Talent is a society’s main fuel. Identifying, boosting and projecting talent is one of UPF’s main commitments”, explains Daniel Serra de la Figuera, dean of UPF Barcelona School of Management.

There have been 66 scholarships granted in total this year, compared to 39 last year (+69%). In order to qualify for a scholarship, students must achieve an average academic grade of “good” (8). This year, the recipients of the scholarship achieved an average academic grade of 9.15, higher than in any previous year. Serra also highlighted the heterogeneity of the recipients, who have studied a variety of different masters programs ranging from Marketing to International Business, Financial Management or Sports Management to Editing, Literary Creation, Documentary or Translation.

Woman, 25 years old and Latin American

Of the 66 Talent Scholarships granted, only seven were awarded to Spanish students. The country whose students received the most Talent Scholarships was Mexico, with 8, followed by Spain (7), Colombia (6), Equador (6), USA (5) and Chile (5). The majority of the students come from Latin America (31), 12 are European, 15 from North America and 8 from Asia. With regards to age, the scholarship students from UPF Barcelona School of Management were between 21 and 35 years old, although the average age was 25. And with regards to gender, women have proven to be the most talented. A total of 48 women compared to 18 men, a trend that has been repeating itself in recent years.