TALENT SCHOLARSHIPS: A more personal contribution from UPF Barcelona School of Management

  • The school rewards the talent of 66 master and postgraduate students. This year the Talent Scholarships awarded have increased by 69%.

One of the main challenges for companies today is finding talent. Companies and markets all over the world have undergone profound transformations that demand a new generation of talent, capable of adapting quickly to change, making successful decisions, and incorporating new dynamics. But how do we find this talent?

Four years ago, UPF Barcelona School of Management created a scholarship committee, exclusively for the purpose of analysing and recognising the talent of students who enrol on a master program. Therefore, they analyse the students’ academic transcripts—which must have an average grade of more than 8 (“good”)— profiles, letters of motivation, professional achievements, and social commitments.

This year, a total of 66 students have received the UPF Barcelona School of Management Talent Scholarship. The scholarship covers between 25 and 50% of the chosen master program enrolment fee, however the school’s contribution goes beyond financial aid. It relates to a desire to become a talent provider for society and companies. “Talent is a society’s main fuel. Identifying, boosting and projecting talent is one of our main commitments”, explains Daniel Serra, dean of UPF Barcelona School of Management.

This year, the scholarship committee has awarded 66 Talent Scholarships to students with an academic transcript average of 9.15, the highest average over all the years. “It is not only and academic mark, it is a reflection of an attitude for excellence, a desire to work and make an effort, an interest in leaving your mark, by developing your talent as much as possible.”

Serra has emphasised the heterogeneity of the recipients, who have studied a variety of different master programs ranging from Marketing to International Business, Financial Management or Sports Management to Editing, Creative Documentary, Public Policy, Journalism or Translation. “Multidisciplinarity and management in a broad sense, intrinsic to any industry, are the common denominators for our school. We also attempt to ensure that all our students have a shared DNA with the Evidence-based management, Storytelling, and Ethics and Sustainability subjects, which for us, are fundamental values in a professional.” Serra also referred to changes to the educational model that UPF Barcelona School of Management is introducing, which is focused on the student’s personal project and professional and teaching support

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Of the 66 Talent Scholarships granted, only seven were awarded to Spanish students. The country whose students received the most Talent Scholarships was Mexico, with 8, followed by Spain (7), Colombia (6), Ecuador (6), USA (5), and Chile (5). The majority of the students come from Latin America (31), 12 are European, 15 are from North America and 8 from Asia. With regards to age, the scholarship students from UPF Barcelona School of Management were between 21 and 35 years old, although the average age was 25. And with regards to gender, women have proven to be the most talented. A total of 48 women compared to 18 men, a trend that has been repeating itself in recent years.

Sara Reyes, from Guatemala, and Jennifer Aranda, from Mexico, are a clear example. “I came here because there was no Public Relations and Protocol training in my country, and I chose UPF Barcelona School of Management because of this program and its academic prestige. I am really enjoying the program and taking in all I can from the school and this country so I can return to my country and reinvest everything I have learnt,” explains Sara, who not only aspires to work for her country’s Government in the future, but also hopes to teach Public Relations and Protocol classes there. “Wherever I am, I will always look back with pride at having trained at this school.”

Anna Valor, from the Valencian Community, and Inés de la Peña, from Mexico, are postgraduate students in Literary and Audiovisual Translation. They emphasise UPF Barcelona School of Management’s contribution through Humanities-related Management. “In the future I will probably be freelance, and therefore I need to know about management, projects, legal procedures, but without forgetting the value of the humanities,” emphasises Anna.

Comprehensive training of people has become the main educational objective for UPF Barcelona School of Management.