Tailor-made training activities

Course for the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries

April of this year marked the start of the first edition of the programme Common administrative procedure and competitive concurrency procedures, directed by Montserrat Mateo. This programme, held in conjunction with the Catalan Institute for Cultural Industries, was originated with the aim of teaching the theoretical and practical basics which justify and explain the subdual of administrative action to formalised procedures and outlining the provisions stated in Law 30/1992 for their correct application.

Specialisation course in Pharmaco-economics for Novartis.

Continuing the close line of collaboration between Novartis and IDEC, during the first semester Jaume Puig-Junoy developed a Specialisation course in Pharmaco-economics on behalf of the company. This programme will provide the accounts section with specialised training in economics and the management of health and medication services.

Corporate Finance for Cuatrecasas

Designed by Xavier Puig, the Corporate Finance programme deals with different aspects related to company accounting, the impact on heritage of company operations and the main indicators of operational finance.

Training the Guardia Civil

In December of last year a training programme was held entitled Technical Assistance in Forensic Authorship Attribution for the Departamento de Acústica e Imagen of the Dirección General de la Guardia Civil. Directed by Mª Teresa Turell, it comprised 50 teaching hours and formed part of activities linked to the Master and Postgraduate programmes in Forensic Linguistics. This experience is a good example of how interesting this area of training can be for security forces and their work.

Programme in Banking Law for Caixa Penedès

February of this year saw the start of a new programme in Banking Law, developed jointly between the Treasury Department of Caixa Penedès and Ramón Salelles. The programme originated from the need to teach the main aspects related to the activity of credit entities on the financial market. The programme deals with aspects such as: the corporative statute of credit entities; the credit entity and the capitals market and the credit entity and banking contracts.

Video jornalism for TV3

Fruit of the collaboration agreement with Aula Paral?lel 40, and tailor-made for Catalonia\'s TV3, IDEC has started the course \'From Journalists to Videojournalists\', directed by Joan Gonzalez. Structured in three four-week blocks which will take place during the first half of 2008, the course has been designed to give journalists from the news and current affairs department of the Catalan television company specialized training in camera operating and speaking camera to enable them to work as ENG.